Sheep are really fun.  We have the Gammel Norsk breed (Old Norwegian often referred to as Viking sheep) - one buck called Ramstein and five females known as the Fab Force Five.  They are a lot smaller than regular sheep, more agile and Winter hardy. These sheep tend to be a little more braver than the regular big sheep.  In the first week we got them the yearlings started eating out of my hand.  They have the same habit as regular sheep.  They nibble a little from your hand and then back away and turn their backs to you.  This is a defense response so they can run away easily.  They never quite trust you which is very good to encourage as you don't want your sheep to loose their flight instinct. The yearlings are a little cheeky and stay for longer than they should eating out of my hand.  Josie, the two year old below is always more weary and keeps her distance.  But we still reward her. Sheep aren't very good at knowing between bread and fingers.  Often they will nibble on my hand when I'm not looking, trying to steal a bigger piece of bread.  Sheep only have bottom teeth and use them to rip rather than chew.  If the piece is small enough they will nibble the bread into their mouths with their lips, sometimes nibbling your fingers too..  They rarely hurt if they use their bottom teeth. I talk to them a lot, being loud and jerky in my movements so they can be familiar with strange things.  We want them to be petting-hardy for all the local children and visitors who come round to the farm.  (But even though sheep are domesticated you still need to watch them around children.) The sheep love their little bread luxury and so now, whenever they hear me outside, they come running and bleat at me to come over and feed them.  Soon it will be breeding time and we will need to put Ramstein into their pen.  They will have to go without bread for a little while as I don't want to distract them, they have more important things to be doing. 

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