The Bossekop Market in Alta is a tradition that dates back to the 1400s.  It was made 'official' in 1836.  The Sami would make their way twice a year, in March and December, to Bossekop (Sami for Whale Bay) to sell products to traders. Today the the market sells traditional Sami products as well as modern nicknacks.  You can find baskets, woolen felt shoes, reindeer meat and skins, Sami clothing and hand-made products. This year they had lots of stalls and lots of products but where were all the people?  It might have been because of the cold snap, we had been braving -23C temps all week.  But on turning the corner, there they all were... ...lining up at the smultringer van.  Smultringer are 'lard rings' or a Norwegian donut.  They are best warm and covered in cinnamon sugar.  They were certainly going down well at the market.  

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