It's really something to go to bed in Autumn and to wake up in Winter.  The morning is usual, you get up, get dressed, have breakfast but when you walk out the door the world is very different.  It's a delight.  Something special has happened while you were sleeping, just like Santa dropping off presents at Christmas. Above is our front door view, across the duck pond, now frozen, and to the petting pen covered in snow.  The animals are already tucked away in the barn, nice and toasty.  The ducks flew south when the pond froze over and now the cat, Gråbein, has free rein to walk across the pond. As the sun wakes up, (she usually sleeps in til around 8am these days), the snow sometimes disappears.  If it is too cold in the air the snow will last the whole day.  The rowan trees collect pockets of snow on their berries.  They droop with the weight and when the wind blows, sprinkle fluffy snow on everything standing underneath. This is the season of uncertainties.  It is uncertain if the snow will go or stay.  It is uncertain if we will get more snow tomorrow or next week.  It is uncertain if the snow will melt away altogether to just trick us into believing Winter is here. But one thing is for certain this time of year, every day is a surprise. 

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