Late October to early November is pumpkin season in Norway.  There is no growing season, just a selling season.  Pumpkins are considered an American thing attached to Halloween, made for carving and candling.  Other than that, this strange little vegetable (actually, it is a fruit) is a mystery.  There is no such thing as pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie or roast pumpkin.  If you gave a Norwegian a pumpkin they wouldn't know what to do with it - perhaps, boil it? So Pumpkins are rather hard to come by in Norway except around Halloween.  Sometimes you can find an immigrant store that has one or two but those times are far and few between.  However, you can be sure that every year starting in October I get excited about all the pumpkin opportunities I will have for the next few weeks.  This time it was thick and creamy pumpkin soup that delighted our bellies.  This year was Farmors first taste of pumpkin soup.  She took a little spoonful just to taste, then another and another.  Pretty soon there was an empty pumpkin soup bowl on the table. 

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