It was Father's Day and we wanted to do something special for Farfar.  We decided to make him one of his favourite dinners - fresh Salmon.  Moose rattled off all the traditional sides you need for the perfect Norwegian salmon plate - fresh salmon, boiled potatoes, sour cream, dill, lemon and cucumber salad.  I knew everything except how to make Norwegian cucumber salad.  Moose said to slice some cucumber and soak it in vinegar.  Yeah, then what?  He frowned, 'That's it'.  Oh, isn't that just a pickle?  Where's the salad?  Moose just shrugged.  So I cut and soaked a cucumber in vinegar, still having to ask if I was doing it right.  You have to get these simple things right in Norway.  If I had of cut the cucumber length ways, or diced it, I would have destroyed the Norwegian effect.  But I must have done it right as Farfar ate up all his cucumber salad. 

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