We haven't put up a post for a week because our computer blew up.  It was playing up all week but it finally carked it on Sunday.  I switched on the power and the computer sparked at the power insert at the back.  Now it won't even start up.  It obviously has something to do with the internal power gadgets inside the hard-drive.  So, as our photos are 'safely' tucked in our old G5 hard-drive, we will have to make do with a few more non-picture posts.  Unnskyld! But this certainly provides another opportunity to talk about the Norwegian way of life.  Just six hours after the computer blew we had bought ourselves another computer (on Sunday night) to arrive Tuesday.  In a lot of other places you have the opportunity to walk into a store and have a play around with some computers first before buying.  But in a lot of places in Norway this is not an option.  In Alta, we do have two stores that sell PCs (it just so happened that we bought a netbook for Moose for Farsdag (Father's Day) on Saturday!), but there are no Mac stores and we need Mac for our video and photo work.  So, like a lot of Norwegians, we let our fingers do the walking and we chose our new computer just from stats, performance and reviews. It makes me a little nervous spending NOK20,000+ over the net for something I haven't physically seen but this is just something you have to live with in Norway.  I am starting to get the hang of importing items Norway hasn't got though, like Grow Light LEDs, Worm Factorys and Ugg boots etc.  I have never had so much stuff in my mailbox before, but I must admit it is fun. 

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