We put our paper shredder (Lil' Red) to good use last week.  We needed a good supply to keep our worm farm moist.  It is hard to keep a good compost pile going outside in the Arctic.  We started this year to compost but the weather has been very wet and the pile hasn't had the chance to dry out let along get warm for decomposing.  So we have invested in a small plastic worm farm house that we can put inside.  We bought it from America as only one Norwegian store had a worm composter for twice as much as the American brand including shipping, and import tax. We bought worms (called 'mark' in Norwegian) from the local bait and tackle store.  Not sure what species the worms are but they seem to be red wrigglers (the best suited to worm farming).  On the worm box it just said 'meitemark' and the shop had no clue about what species they were selling.  But these are fishing worms so they will have three purposes - for the composting, for chicken treats and for Uncle Rooneys fishing expeditions. They say the worms don't migrate but if we don't keep the light on then the worms go walk-a-bout.  Unfortunately we are heading for the dark season and will need to have the light on all the time to keep the worms at bay.  But our new 11w saver-light is sure going to help.  It is actually brighter than our other 40w bulb and will save us on electricity.  Lets hope we can get to the estimated 12,000 worms by the end of Winter!  (We have started with just 50 - but who's counting?)  

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