This experiment actually has two phases.  The first was to grow vibrant strawberry plants from clippings from the 10 year old strawberry patch.  The clippings weren't doing so well inside on the windowsill so I thought it might be better to re-create their natural environment.  In a big pot I put in dirt from the strawberry patch with some worms and then clustered the strawberry clippings together and left them in the open.  Every so often I chucked in some vegetable scraps for the worms and for composting.  The strawberry clippings have surpassed my expectations - they are so strong, green and leafy. The second phase will be to give the plants a fake winter over Autumn by putting them in the freezer.  I will then rejuvenate them over Winter for their 'second' flower and fruit year.  I will hopefully grow them to fruit for Christmas.  Norwegian strawberries at a Norwegian Christmas!  Who ever thought? Results pending. 

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