Driving down the road I saw a fantastic wild orange flower in the gutter - a poppy!  Such a flower I thought would make an excellent addition to the native flowers on the farm.  I dug it up and, with it's own dirt, repotted it and placed it on the farm yard lawn.  I wasn't sure what it would do but I hoped it would thrive.  I thought re-creating its natural environment would be best.  So I gave it a 'natural' Norwegian life - no fertilizer except what leaves would fall in the pot and no water except what came from the sky.  Since the beginning of Summer it has given one vibrant flower every month.  A long stem grew up high and lonely.  The buds were green with little black hairs all over.  When the sun was warm the buds opened large and bright.  They followed the sun around the sky.  This hardy little plant was sure a great surprise.  I will leave it there in its pot over Winter and then place it amongst the pond side flowers in the Spring. This experiment is a success, so far.  

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