A good pair of work pants is essential on a farm. They normally go over your normal pants (you can go commando if you're game) and the fit is very important. If the pants are too tight you can't throw your leg over fences. If they are too loose then you'll keep tripping over the bottoms.  But trying to find a good fit in a mens-designed pants is near impossible if you have good curves.  The solution - I had to brace myself. I have never bought a pair of braces before.  It is not an accessory I would consider to go with pants.  I'd guess you'd buy them in a men's store?  I have never seen them for women.  But when you need these things it is always at the most inconvenient time.  I was already man-dressed and out the door to start catching sheep when my work pants fell down.  Moose, trying desperately to conceal his smirk, says 'I'll be back!' It just so happens that we have a farmer on the farm with a good stock of braces.  Out came one of Farfar's cross-backs.  Hm - Christmasy.  Oh well, when in Norway.  The braces worked like a charm but (call me vain) the next day I did go out to buy a belt. 

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