Week 34 in Noway is crazy! As an Australian, I'm not used to using 'weeks' for dating. In Norway, the weeks of the year are numbered fom 1 to 52 (obviously). However, week one doesn't necessarily start on the week of the 1st of January and sometimes there is a week 53! The only way to tell is to use a week calendar. It is a little hard working by weeks. When I sit in meetings people talk aout week 29 or Wenesday of week 43 etc, and the Norwegians just nod their heads while I'm madly trying to work out what month and day everyone is talking about. It seems like Norwegians know all the weeks off by heart (or maybe they are just like me with no clue but know how to keep it cool). Either way, working by weeks is a different mental process that I have to get used to. I can see the benefits of working by weeks but it's not benefitting me yet. Week 34 was 'back to school' week. This is where everything changes from holiday mode into regular mode. All clubs, work, facilities and activities turn on full throttle. But also every club, work, facility and activity adds on extra meetings, get-togehers, orientations etc to organise the year. It takes about two weeks for life to settle down again. The tricky part is that week 34 can also happen in week 33 or week 35 depending on the year. You also have to factor in leap years, the moon, the turn of the earth and also the kommune (municipality) you live in. Some kommunes start earlier and some later. Woking by weeks is what makes Norway a little more crazier to live in. (BTW Moose is dying to change my Australian word "crazier" to a grammically correct "crazy". But if he did then Norway wouldn't be as crazy.) 

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