Each autumn our farm becomes a major layover-stop for hungry and weary travelers as large flocks of greylag geese migrate south for the winter. These large birds seem to have made it a tradition to use our field as their roadside diner. This morning, several hundred of them had landed for a rest and to fill up on fresh grass. Their chatter could be heard for miles as it echoed throughout the valley. It was an amazing sight but unfortunately I missed the photo-op.

As I snuck down to the field in the afternoon with camera in hand I could still hear their chatter - but the birds were nowhere to be seen. All that was left were some feathers and their "business cards" as proof of their stay.

I felt a little put out, but all was not lost. Looking up, I realised where the chatter was coming from. The geese had split into groups and were now flying directly over the farm, getting into their characteristic V-formation.

The birds were flapping their six-foot wings and chattering loudly, as if to say "So long and thanks for the grass!". All I could think of in reply was "Have a safe flight, and thanks for the fertilizer!"


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