For immigrants in Norway it can be annoyingly hard to get a job.  If you don't have a Masters or PhD then the other "easier" way to get work is to be a 'Jack-of-all-trades'.  If you can only do one thing then you will be very limited.  There is not much choice in Norway so the more you can do the more options you'll have.  Many immigrants find themselves in jobs that they never thought they could do. But even if you are a 'Jack' (or Jill) you also need to be exposed.  It is rare to be able to rock up to an employer and get work.  Word-of-mouth, referrals and poaching is very common in Norway.  You can only be worded, referred or poached if you are already known.  You don't have to be known personally but you do need to be in situations where you can show what you can do.  If your work can be witnessed (by the right people) then you are likely to have job opportunities around the corner.  Just one example: Because I'm a 'Jill' I keep falling into work from the most unlikeliest of places.  Last month I was at a family member's birthday party.  Our family is very arty and it is standard to have birthday performances.  Our talented bunch: Uncle Rooney plays in several bands - clarinet, bass, guitar, Tante teaches flute, Farmor and Big Uncle plays the piano, and Moose plays guitar and bass.  Of course, the family are all singers too (it is fantastic when we go caroling!)  Everyone is very familiar with my family's talents.  Me, I've added dancing to the mix.  At the birthday party Moose and I performed a Lindy Hop.  Somebody saw and then the next week I was called up and offered a job.  (I took it!) I'm lucky to be a 'Jill'.  Since being in Norway I have worked as a dance instructor, choreographer, stage manager, director, aerobics instructor and producer.  And now I'm a farmer too (which makes me a builder, animal carer, grass grower, conservationist, food producer and marketer.). So that little hobby, know-how or past life that you have might come in handy one day if you live in Norway.  Anything that requires special knowledge or abilities like pianist, painter, gardener or animal breeder can help you land an unexpected job. 

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