The traditional way of drying hay in Norway is to rake it into a bundle and hang it over a line to air dry.  This method was only succeeded by silage (fermented grass in the marshmallow balls) 15 years ago.  When Moose was a lad the hay was mowed down with a tractor and then it was gathered into bundles and hung all over the field for drying.  This method is still viable today but is very reliant on good sunny weather and nice breezes.  And I think hay racking looks rather pretty. At the moment most of our hay is still made into silage for the sheep in Winter but as we now have rabbits we thought to experiment with going back to the traditional way of hay making.  It was surprisingly fun rolling the hay and hanging it, and very rewarding.  (I don't know how fun it would be doing a whole field though.)  I'm sure this is a more healthy way of feeding the animals as the hay stays crunchy and doesn't have any added chemicals (silage uses lactic acid to help it ferment).  Even when the hay was dry and we packed it into bags it smelt yummy.  Our bunnies are going to love eating this Winter.  

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