Buying food in Alta can be 'hit-and-miss'.  Most fruit and vegetables are old, soft and colourless in the stores.  I was lucky to finally get a mango that was decent after three years in Norway.  I celebrated with a fruit salad and yoghurt breakfast. Most often food is of poor quality.  Fungus, mold and squishiness is all too common.  The shops have tricks too.  Coop keeps their fresh food cold.  This crisps everything up so when you pick up an onion it feels firm and dry.  As soon as you get it home it is squishy and juicy.  It is frustrating to buy food that is sealed with a skin.  Often oranges are dry inside or you get little nasties like fungus in your avocado. Variety is a big problem too.  You have to go searching for months to find what you need.  There is only one store in Alta that sells maple syrup, one store that sells ranch dressing and one store that sells...  These food items are very pricey but if I don't by them then the store might decide not to sell it any more.  If they stop selling maple syrup how am I supposed to have Norwegian-style  Canadian Waffles!? 

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