Norwegian Hamburgers are a little different than the norm.  You still have a beef patty on a sesame seed bun but it is the other stuff the makes the Norwegian hamburger unique. The first thing you'll notice when biting into a burger is the sauce.  Usually you'll have your ketchup on top with the meat but on the bottom is the salad and a bucket-load of hamburger dressing - a cheap Thousand Island dressing (named after the thousands of islands in Sweden) - which is an apricot coloured  mayo sauce with lots of gherkin flavour.  The salad is either shredded lettuce or quite often shredded chinese cabbage for extra crunch.  The meat is usually placed on top, I guess to weigh everything down.  Burgers can have extra cheese or bacon (for an extra fee).  The burger above is from Alta and has a special home-made tyttebær (cowberry) dressing. It is easy to make these burgers at home.  The first tip is to never use fresh meat - that is un-Norwegian.  It takes too long to make patties from scratch and only a frozen patty can give you that real Norwegian hamburger taste.  Load it up with chinese cabbage and gherkin mayo and you just about have the real deal.  I made my first Norwegian hamburger upside down (I guess coz I'm an Aussie).  But not to worry, I just flipped it over and 'Sven was my uncle'.  

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