The Norwegian post symbol is a golden 'bugle' horn and the background, which also serves at the postal colour, is red.  From 1647 the horse-and-cart postal carriages used to blow their horns to clear the way as the 'post is coming'.  This golden horn on a red is a symbol to note when traveling in Norway as it will mark, Posten, the post office in shopping centres and streets.  The crown is often an addition to the symbal, reminiscent of the old postal service Postverket, the (Royal) Postal Service. In Norway letter boxes are placed in clusters in the street or at the end of communal drives.  They are hung on a board and often have a little shelter.  Sometimes serveral houses or even a small community will share a letter box.  It is typical to have your name painted on your letter box as some postage addresses are very sparse, especially when they are sent from the same community. This is the first time we have had to buy a letter box.  It was very exciting.  However, there aren't many colours to choose from.  Red was already taken by the postal service so we had only green, white or grey.  It is quite common for people to paint flowers and birds on their letter boxes (a future project, I think).  But we like our little white letter box, it is the first post to home. 

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