Norway is really big on recycling.  We have green bags and red bags, yellow bags and inside-out bags.  The easiest to remember is the milk carton recycling.  We open them, wash them out and then fold six into another empty carton.  If you write your name and telephone number on the outside carton you go in the draw for a chance to win some kroner.  If they pull your packed carton out from the local recycling plant you can win kr10,000.  Then you go into the national recycling draw.  If your compact milk carton gets pulled out again then you can win kr.100,000.  Not bad for throwing your rubbish in the bin.

The folding of the cartons have now become an art form in Norway.  The winner of the most cartons squished into one carton made it to 40, but he had the help of vices and bricks.  Me, I’m struggling to try and get six into one carton.  But now I just hand them over to Big Uncle who folds and packs like a pro. 

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