There is no cable guy.  We can't get cable.  They haven't installed cable in our farming area yet.  The choices are antenna or satellite.  We chose antenna as it was easier, or so we thought.  Apparently, somebody has built the barn in the wrong place and blocks our signal.  Back in the 60s Alta didn't get TV so there was no need to consider that putting the barn on the hill might block CSI or Idol one day.  Farfar never watched TV anyway.  But being one of the MTV generation, I need a little flicker to keep me sane (although you can only get digital TV in Norway now so I guess the term would be 'I need a little pixel'). When it comes to antennas bigger is better.  This mighty fine installment with a tri-dimensional pick-up eventually did the trick.  (We went to the store three times having to up-grade to bigger and bigger antennas and finally ended up with this one.)  Moose was like a cat on a hot tin roof but we now have image to glue our eyes to.  Yay! 

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