We get a lot of people emailing us about engineering jobs.  Well, you are in luck!  Below are some excerpts from an advertisement found on finn.no today.  If you are an engineer and want to live in Norway (well, Hammerfest) then this might be perfect for you (note: Job closes 01.09.2010):
Adima is an employment service company specially adapted to Norwegian industry, both land-based and offshore. Adima consists of Adima Engineering, Adima Energy and Adima Industry. We have supplied staff to our partners since 1994, and are now represented in Hammerfest, Brattvåg, Stord and Flekkefjord/Kvinesdal. We supply personnel with high levels of skills and experience within various fields tothe mechanical industry, maritime industry and oil industry, on- and offshore. Through Adima's total business area, we also offer services in recruiting and selecting managers and other staff. www.adima.no Adima is now working on a survey of your interest for future employment within the oil industry in the North of Norway. We will have positions available in Hammerfest for engineers starting autumn 2010. Employment will be depending on your will to settle in Hammerfest. Hammerfest is a growing city, and has large exciting projects in the petroleum industry in coming years. Out of several large clients we can mention Statoil and ENI Norge. Statoil operates the "Melkøya LNG-plant" near Hammerfest, and they have plans for new developments at Melkøya 2. Follow the link to read more about the project here: http://www.statoil.com/en/technologyinnovation/newenergy/co2management/pages/snohvit.aspx ENI is planning the Goliat field which will primarily be run from Hammerfest. Follow the link to read more about the Goliat project here: http://www.eninorge.no/EniNo.nsf/page/DED71D42177627E0C12574E60040DAF9?OpenDocument&Lang=english There are also other interesting projects in Hammerfest. These are directed at the petroleum industry, the maritime industry and projects within the building and construction operations. Businesses and industries in Hammerfest are working towards developing Hammerfest into the petroleum city of the northern region. This is an exciting project; "The Energy-capitol" in Hammerfest is in progress. Would you like to help us make Hammerfest the "Energy-capitol" of the north? We need competent engineers in all disciplines and at all levels. Are you a newly qualified engineer with limited practical work experience? We would really like to help you develop your technical expertise and be a part of a historical and exciting oil and gas adventure in Norway.

As a company, we can help with the following:

  • Finding a dwelling in an area that suits you and your family
  • Applying for school placements
  • Applying for kindergartens that offer what you want for your little ones, in terms of outdoor activities and good educational plans.
  • Other practical tasks related to moving
  • We are looking for engineers who want to live in Hammerfest because the city needs your competence in the engineering field. There are many exciting and challenging jobs arising to promote the growth of Hammerfest as a petroleum city in the north; this is why we need many competent professionals who live in the area. In the past, there have been many engineers commuting to the Hammerfest area, and many engineering assignments have been going on in other places in Norway. But we would really like to see this in Hammerfest where the projects are now actually taking place. We do this in order to offer an extensive and complete engineering service based in the area. We can offer exciting engineering both as "in-house projects" and as "hire-out engineers" to the large oil and gas companies. We hope you consider this an exciting opportunity. Please contact us for more information. http://www.finn.no/finn/job/fulltime/object?finnkode=22506838
    AS AT Monday 28th June 2010 Application info: Oil, Gas, Off-shore, Maritime - 70 positions available.  Job closes 01.09.2010. website: http://www.adima.no/ post: Engineering: Ingeniør / engineer offshore Håkon Olav Hildre Postboks 375, 9615 Hammerfest Hammerfest is a very small city - about 7000 people.  It is on the very north tip of Norway.  It might also be good to check out where your family will be living: http://www.hammerfest-turist.no/index.php?page_id=33 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammerfest 
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