One of the things you need to do when living in another country is to learn new names for things.  Quite often I find items in Norway with a different name in English.  I don't know why they don't just use the original English word, but I often find that the new English name just gets it all wrong. I have a favourite bakeri in Oslo on Karl Johans gate.  They always have what seems to be more 'exotic' breads and pastries that are just normal to an Australian.  Last time, while looking at the little tags, I saw the word 'scone'.  My heart jumped - I hadn't had a scone since living in Oz.  The item next to the tag certainly didn't look like a scone, so I thought they might have them out the back, and ordered one.  Nope - the hard, flat sweet cake was the 'scone'.  However, it was no scone that I had ever seen before.  It was more like a rock cake with chocolate chips instead of sultanas.  But I was happy, I hadn't had a rock cake since leaving Oz either. I also bought a chocolate cupcake and was delightfully surprised that it was actually a mud cake.  Chocolate cakes aren't as popular as I would have thought in Norway, let alone mud cakes.  This is the first chocolate mud cake I have ever seen here.  Pretty nerve racking for a chocoholic!  

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