I'm always amazed at how many people show up to 17 May celebrations.  With all of us squished into our little Storgata it is a wonder how any parade gets through. The Russ never fail to please with their bright red cars and wacky sense of humour.  It rather resembles a pride parade than a school graduation. Every year there are four main parades through the city streets of Tromsø - the children's parade of primary school children, the small children's parade of kindergarten children, the Russ parade of the years high school graduates and the people's parade of community groups and organisations in Tromsø. Everyone wears their best dress and there are many people wearing their Bunads.  Party food like waffles, ice cream and pølser are enjoyed in between the parades.  This year was one of the hottest May 17ths on record.  For the first time I got sunburnt in the Arctic! Gratulerer med dagen!  

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