Officially the first night of the Midnight Sun in Tromsø is 20th of May.  However, the residents since, at least, the Iron Age have counted it from when the sun can still be seen over the mountains to the north, which is about the 23rd of May.  However, if the sky is cloudy and the sun cannot be seen then the first Midnight Sun of the year is counted from the first clear sky. From the 20th May the days had been cloudy so far. Last night the sky was clear and beautiful.  The air was cool and the light was a lazy blue in the shadow and orange in the sun.  At twelve midnight we took the first shot (first pic above) and then Moose snapped his watch - 00.00.15 on 25th May.  As you can see during our wait, some clouds thought it would be fun to 'photo-bomb' us.  Oh well, it still counts as the first day of the Midnight Sun in Tromsø in 2010.  

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