Being a dancer I go to a lot of concerts.  The locals here in Tromsø love to dance and often like to dress up for the occasion.  It was at this Swing dance party that I discovered an odd but ingenious method of dancing the night away without the ringing in your ears the next day. Before the band got started a couple of my students whipped out some ear plugs.  At first I couldn't help but laugh - the idea of wearing ear plugs at a concert was rather funny and I thought to myself 'it must be a Norwegian thing'.  But then I realised how clever it was.  The dance floor is always placed right in front of the band and the speakers so the blast of sound can really be deafening.  With ear plugs in their ears, my students were able to still hear the music (and feel it too) without any thought to noise hangovers.  Who said you can't dance with ear plugs in your ears?  I'm sure there is weirder stuff out there (- like someone taking pictures of people wearing ear plugs at a dance concert?)  

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