Some time ago, we wrote about one of the most successful Norwegian comics of all time – Pondus. At the time, Pondus had been translated and published in several languages, bar English. But now it seems that the English-speaking world has finally caught the Pondus fever.

It turns out that the Australians are the first to dare print the politically incorrect Norwegian strips. A handful of Aussie newspapers including the Northern Daily Leader, the Maitland Mercury, The Wimmera Mail Times and The North West Star are now letting Australians get to know Pondus’ pub-, sports- and guy humor on a daily basis.

L-Jay, being an Aussie, can confirm that these are all rural newspapers, but you have to start somewhere. The crassness of Pondus is certainly well suited for the Aussie bush humour.

To mark this occasion we have the pleasure of giving our readers some samples of the official English translation of Pondus, courtesy of the official Pondus website Click on the images to view a larger version:


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