The days have been beautiful over Easter and so we couldn't let all the sunshine go to waste.  A family BBQ on the sledding hill was the perfect way to make the most of our holiday. At 1 o'clock the hill was packed with sun-bathers and families.  The hill is in a great position facing the afternoon sun and out to the fjord and mountains.  It was just like going to the beach.  People had 'dug-in' - making seats out of the snow and also walls to create a type of incubator.  The bright warm sun was lovely on the face and the ice walls reflected the rays onto the back.  (There was no wind but I imagine that the walls would also stop any cold wind too.)  Some walls were very elaborate - made with ice blocks or decorated with holes.  Others were just dug out of the snow with shovels. This was Lil' Reds first day in the sun.  He loved watching all the activity around him.  I'm excited for him to see grass for the first time this Summer.  I'm sure he is going to want to taste it. The main activity on the hill is sledding but some children were also practising skiing as well.  Parents lugged their kids up the hill to have them turn around and slide back down again.  This never got boring (to do or watch). It was certainly great exercise getting the kids up the hill and all worth it when you heard them squeal all the way to the bottom. Each family were having their own BBQs.  Some made their own by digging a hole in the snow and lighting a stack of wood inside.  Others, like us, brought along a disposable BBQ. They can be a little tricky to light, especially when the starters don't ignite, so it's smart to bring some extra paper and matches to get the fire started.  The BBQ needs to heat up for about 10mins first before you should start cooking.  You will know when the BBQ is ready when the coals have turned grey.  If you don't wait and use it straight away then your food could taste like lighter fluid.  I always bring tin foil to create an oven effect, especially when I'm cooking raw food like chicken, so it cooks faster and thorough.  However, it is not needed for just pølser. We had two types of pølser.  The ones on the left are the normal grilling pølser.  They are shorter and more robust for heavy cooking.  You can buy these ones all year round.  The ones on the right are 'gourmet' grilling pølser.  They especially come out for Summer and come in a number of flavours, like chilli, bacon and cheese, bratwurst and argentine beef. We had lompe and bread buns for our pølser.  Lompe is a traditional Norwegian flat-bread made of potatoes.  The bread for pølser serves only one purpose - so your hands don't get dirty.  The pølser is certainly the feature of 'pølse med brød' (sausage with bread) - the bread is just too little and too small to be on equal par as the pølse. The day got pretty warm and so hats, coats and scarfs were taken off.  Still, the ground was very cold and we used a yoga mat for our hinies.  Is was a great day to be outdoors and the sun on our faces has certainly rejuvenated us for the next half of the semester.  Though, now I can't wait for the Summer holidays!  

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