Sometimes life takes you in extrodinay directions.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be sitting at a sewing machine making Samba costumes for a Samba Parade above the Arctic Circle in Norway. I am currently production managing the world's most northern Samba Parade.  This year we have incorporated many Brazilian parade traditions like the Queen of the Drums, Samba dancing and an original Samba music theme.  The parade begins with crown and instrument making workshops, then Samba rhythm tuition, the procession will march through the city streets and end with a showcase of Latin flavour in the city's biggest shopping centre.  It's a fantastic spectical experiencing a Samba parade in the middle of a Norwegian Winter.  The festival director is hoping for snow as an exotic addition but I'm so enthusiastic.  (I'm sure all the snow will stick to all my feathered costumes!) 

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