cloud-berry Cloud berries are called 'molter' in Norwegian.  They are little puffs of fruity-flesh, similar to raspberries, with a sweet and sour tang.  Usually eaten with just whipped cream, they can also be used with cakes, on bread, and as a jam. Cloud berries are found in swamp areas in Northern Scandinavia.  They are not farmed, so grow wild and need to be hand picked as their flesh is very delicate.  In fact, you don't wash cloud berries as their juice will wash away in the water. When Moose was a child, the family used to travel to the swamp areas up in the mountains to pick cloud berries.  Sometimes they would camp for days to gather enough berries for all the lovely cakes and creams Farmor would be making that year.  It is hard work picking cloud berries - crouching over swampy marshes with buckets, delicately plucking the berries as not to squish them all the while swatting away the monster mosquitoes.  The thing that makes cloud berries so good is all the hard work that goes into getting them. cloud-berry-hand 

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