Eli is the wife of a prominent politician in Norway.  One day (in 2001) she had to drop off her husband at the royal palace in Oslo for a government dinner.  She had been to the palace grounds many times before but had never driven.  Not sure where to go, Eli headed straight for the main road... down the palace stairs.  She had driven off the palace circle road, past the Karl Johan statue and right over the mouth of the stairs.  A little embarrassed, she drove straight home.  When her husband called to see if she was all right she wouldn't answer the phone.  In fact, she didn't answer the phone the whole night even though it was ringing off the hook.  The media had gotten word of her 'little embarrassment' and were now camped outside her house pushing for an interview, a comment, a picture - anything! Today, the palace stairs, Eli-trappa (the Eli stairs), has become a house-hold name. 

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