Great Uncle caught a 6kg cod in the Alta fjord.  He stopped by the farm to give it to Farmor and Farfar.  We all sat in the kitchen watching Great Uncle gut and fillet it with expertise.  And of course, the fish-out-of-water Aussie had her camera with her. Cod is a prized fish in Norway and one of its biggest exports.  The fish is (almost) as good as Salmon.  (Apples and oranges.)  But there was an extra special surprise inside!  The egg sac (or 'roe' in English).  I thought 'What are these Norwegian's going to do now?  Make home-made caviar?'  Nope.  That's a Russian thing I was told.  In Norway they like to boil it, slice it and you guessed it - put it on bread. Farmor was so kind to hold up the egg sac for me.  Phew!  I looked back at the fish and wondered how such a bigger thing could come out of such a big fish.  The sac was wrapped in tin foil and boiled.  (I'm sure the fresh roe didn't smell half as bad as when it was boiling.)  Unfortunately I wasn't around for the eating.  But there is always more fish in the sea. Apparently, you can buy sliced roe in cans here in Norway. 

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