Old Norse had a great impact on the English language during the Viking Age.  However, even in modern day speech, with the introduction of new words, I find many parallels to English and Norwegian.  In Australia (at least) we have a word 'more-some'.  I don't know how it started - it could have been inspired by 'awesom' - who knows?  There is no real spelling for it as this word isn't 'writing-worthy' - yet!  So it could also be spelt: more-som, moresom or morsom.  'Morsom' in Australian means that the item (usually food) is so good you want 'some more of' it:  The chocolate is soooo morsom! It just so happens that there is also a 'morsom' in Norwegian.  Morsom comes from 'som morer' which means something that amuses or entertains.  Morsom can also mean something funny, funny-interesting and also that boring word nice. As Australians tend to overstate and Norwegians tend to understate, I figure that 'nice' and 'morsom' mean the same thing.  Therefore, this is a modern day story of how two languages, on the opposite sides of the world, Australian and Norwegian, own the same word with the same meaning! Have a morsom day! 

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