As an Australian, it is common courtesy to bring a gift to give to the person or family you are visiting.  You never visit empty handed.  However, in Norway this custom is not recognised unless it has been pre-arranged for a party or event.  This has put me in an unusual position.  I want to follow my traditions (as they 'die-hard') but I also don't want my Norwegian family to feel uncomfortable about me giving them unexpected gifts every time I see them.  So a compromise was necessary and a new tradition born. When I first met Farmor I found out that walnuts are her favourite.  She always has a tub of walnuts on the kitchen table and often her salads and cakes are dressed with walnuts.  Walnuts - they are inexpensive, small, and don't impose!  So the next time I saw Farmor I gave her a 'visiting gift' - walnuts.  They were a hit!  Ever since I've had great fun finding different varieties of walnut products to give to Farmor - walnuts in honey, walnut oil, walnut candy and chocolates, walnut bread, walnuts from different countries, etc.  Whenever I see a new walnut product I get all excited and know how much Farmor will just love them. Still when I give my walnut visiting gifts they are always unexpected, but they are very much appreciated.  It's fun to see Farmor's smile when she is presented with a new unordinary walnut gift.  

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