On Thursday evening the national newspaper Aftenposten was 'tipped' to a picture posted on a forum that targeted Kongsbakken High School in Tromsø as a site for a massacre.  Aftenposten contacted the school Principal who then contacted the police. Today students arrived to school with a guarded welcome by the local police.  All students were immediately sent home and the school closed. Police are investigating the threat to find the source of the picture and determine whether the threat is real.  They are currently searching through the school server logs to see if the threat came from one of the students. It has been stated by the Principal that if everything is resolved quickly the school will re-open on Monday.  However, on interview, two Kongsbakken students said they were scared to return to school. This incident has certainly shocked the community, especially as the Finnish school massacres of 2007 and 2008 are still fresh in everyone's mind. updates below Links: Nordlys: www.nordlys.no/nyheter/article4794825.ece Aftenposten: www.aftenposten.no/nyheter/iriks/article3454756.ece iTroms updates: www.itromsø.no


- The website where the picture was posted is an open forum where anyone can post anything.  Last year a similar threat was posted against a Swedish High School.  The person behind these threats was quickly located and arrested but he claimed the whole thing was a joke.  However, there have been other threats posted on the same site that have actually followed through.  Most students of Kongsbakken High School are aware of this forum and many are regular users. - Teachers at Kongsbakken High School decided to 'attempt' holding classes today.  However, the mood amongst the students, with the armed police guarding entrances, made teaching an impossible task.  The students were therefore sent home at 9am. 

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