sheeps Every time we visit Alta I make sure to visit all the farm animals.  In the Winter the sheep are kept in the barn which means you can get up close and personal.  I always take Moose with me.  Being a city girl I get as skittish as the sheep do sometimes (I think the barn is a little spooky). When we visit, the sheep want to run away from us but they also want to stay close in case we hand out food.  (If they were human we'd call them complex.)  Sheep are nervous creatures and just being around them makes me realise how strong and powerful we humans are.  We are confident with our position in the world and with animals like sheep we assume the 'boss' position.  Moose walks around the sheep and barn like a duck in water.  He is the boss of the animals and he knows it, and so do they.  I am always hesitant - can I touch them, can I feed them? - as I'm not familiar with sheep I don't know what you are supposed to do with them.  This seems to make the sheep more nervous around me.  Hopefully one day I'll be confident with sheep, but for now, I'll just enjoy watching Moose do his farmer things. sheep 

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