spice-cake Every other month we get a cake in the mail, Christmas is no exception.  It can be carrot cake, chocolate cake, fruit cake and for Christmas we got a Finnish spice cake.  The cakes are always home-made, of course, with a pinch of love from Farmor.  She wraps the cake in tin foil and then in a hand-towel, and sends it on its way to us in Tromsø.  Amazingly enough, cakes always get here in one piece. We love getting 'care' cakes from Farmor.  Her baking is always fantastic.  My favourite is her cowberry bread.  It is tradition to eat it with a mild cheese and we add salami on too as the tang of the meat goes well with the berries. I think the funniest thing we have received in the mail from Farmor is Finnish sliced ham bought when she went on a 'border shopping trip'.  Farmor knows the ham is my favourite as it reminds me of ham in Australian honeyed-ham. All this mail is certainly filling up our cupboards with hand-towels. spice-cake-cu 

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