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Pepperkaker Christmas Tree

A pepperkake Christmas tree is just that – a Christmas tree made out of pepperkake.  These are not a tradition in Norway, more a pop cultural decoration.  However, I have seen them every Christmas in Norway either in magazines or as part of a Christmas table decoration at a Christmas party.

Norwegian Christmas


They are very easy to make.  You can use your own dough (which takes two days because it needs to sit) but we generally buy a cheap ready-made dough from the supermarket.  I roll out the dough and then free-hand cut it into equilateral triangles in ascending sizes.  I have also seen star cutouts and even circles for pepperkaker Christmas trees.

After baking and cooling, I stack them on top of each other (biggest on the bottom to smallest on the top, just in case you were wondering) and use icing as glue to hold them in lace.  I leave the pyramid to set.  I then decorated it with more icing and stick on smarties and lollies.  It’s that easy.

The decoration can sit out all Christmas making the room smell sweet and gingery.  It is also good for a nibble treat at Christmas parties and even work meetings with a warm drink.  The kids love it.