Sometimes English-speaking movie titles don't translate well into Norwegian so the titlists have to get creative.  Sometimes they just don't bother and other times they put in a little too much effort.  Here are some of the more common changes in titles: Movie Title: The Pacifier Norwegian Title: Operasjon barnevakt English Translation: Operation Babysitter Movie Title: Enchanted Norwegian Title: Eventyr i New York English Trans: Fairytale in New York Movie Title: Opportunity Knocks Norwegian Title: Hjelp, jeg er blitt sjef! English Trans: Help, I've Become a Manager! Movie Title: Honeymoon in Vegas Norwegian Title: Honeymoon in Las Vegas Movie Title: The Sum of All Fears Norwegian Title: Det absolutte mareritt English Trans: The Absolute Nightmare Movie Title: Gone with the Wind Norwegian Title: Tatt av vinden English Trans: Taken by the Wind Movie Title: Interview with a Vampire Norwegian Title: En vampyrs bekjennelser English Trans: The Vampire's Confessions Movie Title: The Whole Nine Yards Norwegian Title: Full Pakke English Trans: The Full Package Movie Title: Die Hard - With a Vengeance Norwegian Title: Die Hard i New York English Trans: Die Hard in New York Movie Title: Airplane Norwegian Title: Hjelp, vi flyr! English Trans: Help, We're Flying! Movie Title: The Fugitive Norwegian Title: Jaget English Trans: Chased/Hunted Movie Title: Stepmom Norwegian Title: Side ved side English Trans: Side by Side Movie Title: Steel Magnolias Norwegian Title: Blomster av Stål English Trans: Flowers of Steel Movie Title: The Shining Norwegian Title: Ondskapens Hotell English Trans: Evil's Hotel Movie Title: Leaving Las Vegas Norwegian Title: Adjø Las Vegas English Trans: Good-bye Las Vegas Movie Title: The Devil's Own Norwegian Title: En fiende iblant oss English Trans: An Enemy Among Us Movie Title: The Legends of the Fall Norwegian Title: Lidenskapens pris English Trans: The Price of Passion Movie Title: A Few Good Men Norwegian Title: Et spørsmål om ære English Trans: A Question of Honour Movie Title: Unforgiven Norwegian Title: Nådeløse menn English Trans: Merciless Men Movie Title: The Untouchables Norwegian Title: De ubestikkelige English Trans: The Unbribables Movie Title: James Bond: You Only Live Twice Norwegian Title: James Bond i Japan English Trans: James Bond in Japan Movie Title: Outbreak Norwegian Title: I faresonen English Trans: In the Danger Zone Movie Title: Silence of the Lambs Norwegian Title: Nattsvermeren English Trans: The Moth Movie Title: Jingle All the Way Norwegian Title: Bjelleklang English Trans: Jingle Bells Movie Title: The World's Fastest Indian Norwegian Title: En høyst uvanlig mann English Trans: A Highly Unusual Man Movie Title: Horton Hears a Who Norwegian Title: Horton redder en Hvem English Trans: Horton Saves a Who Movie Title: Romancing the Stone Norwegian Title: Jakten på den grønne diamant English Trans: The Hunt for the Green Diamond Movie Title: Meet the Parents Norwegian Title: Slekten er verst English Trans: Family is the Worst Movie Title: Meet the Fockers Norwegian Title: Svigers er aller verst English Trans: In-laws are the Very Worst Movie Title: Backdraft Norwegian Title: Flammehav English Trans: Ocean of Fire Movie Title: Once Upon a Time in America Norwegian Title: Ondt blod i Amerika English Trans: Bad Blood in America Movie Title: Reindeer Games Norwegian Title: Dobbeltspill English Trans: Double Play Movie Title: Deliverance Norwegian Title: Piknik med døden English Trans: Picnic with Death Movie Title: Volunteers Norwegian Title: Hjelp, vi får hjelp! English Trans: Help, We're Getting Help! Movie Title: Good Will Hunting Norwegian Title: Den enestående Will Hunting English Trans: The Unique Will Hunting Movie Title: The Crying Game Norwegian Title: Fryktens spill English Trans: The Game of Fear Movie Title: Innerspace Norwegian Title: Min mikropartner English Trans: My Micro Partner I'm sure there are lots more, so if you know some, do share ;). 

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