Every year at Christmas, Norwegian food manufacturers try to come up with more ways to sell us ‘julefryd’ (Christmas cheer). We already have Christmas chocolate, Christmas marzipan, Christmas beer, Christmas pop, Christmas nuts, Christmas ham, Christmas sausage, Christmas biscuits, Christmas flour… and the list goes on. The creativity gets better each year.

New this year is Christmas yoghurt. Norwegian dairy manufacturer Tine recently presented a 4-pack of yoghurts with ‘julens favoritter’ (Christmas Favourites) flavours: Gløgg (mulled wine), Rum & Raisin, Figs, and Ginger. While I was surprised not to see gingerbread or marzipan on the list of flavours (maybe next year?), the combinations worked surprisingly well. My favourite was the mulled wine – which also contained raisins.


I like the sound of grøt yoghurt and L-Jay suggested cinnamon or cloves.  What other Christmas flavours would you like in your yoghurt? 

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