Discrimination runs rampaged in every country - Norway is no different.  In fact, if you are from any other culture, even English, and want to live in Norway, be prepared to be discriminated against in the most unlikeliest of situations. Call Centres Everyone hates it when a stranger calls up to try and flog a 'great deal' on the telephone.  Normally it is the poor person who has been woken up or disturbed who hangs up on the caller, but in Norway it is the caller who hangs up first.  I get called up by sellers at least two times a week - usually phone companies trying to get me to switch over.  As soon as I speak about 50% of the callers hang up on me.  Even my own bank hangs up on me when I call them (like today, hence the inspiration for this post)!  I think it's because I don't speak Norwegian, I hope it's not because I'm not Norwegian.  Even though I have the right to live in Norway whether I speak Norwegian or not, I am still not treated normal, like a Norwegian. No English - No University Norwegians have a habit of discriminating against themselves.  In fact, to be admitted into an undergraduate course at a Norwegian university you must know English.  Even if you are Norwegian born and bred and have your ancestry traced to St Olav, you still can't attend university unless you have passed High School English. Getting in Lifts with the Elderly The elderly are very forward about who they like and who they don't like.  Moose and I were in a lift with Lilu.  An elderly lady entered.  She said something to me and not knowing what she said I just smiled and nodded my head.  Then she started cooing at Lilu.  The lift door opened again and there stood a woman with a pram, however, there was no room in the lift.  She didn't hop on and the doors closed.  The elderly lady muttered something and smiled at us.  She hopped off at the next level.  I turned to Moose and asked what she said: 'B@*+? foreigners'.  I was a little shocked.  The woman with the baby might have been from Somalia or Nigeria but the colour of her skin branded her as 'immigrant'.  I was offended because I was the same as the woman - an immigrant with a baby.  I wonder what the elderly lady would have done if she knew I was an immigrant too. Filling Quotas If there is one position to sit on a board of directors and you are a highly qualified male, your lowly qualified female co-worker has first dibs on the position before you.  This is because the government has set quotas on how many percentages of women and people with ethnic backgrounds should be on a company board.  This discriminates against qualified people. Yoga Classes I have a Brazilian friend who goes to yoga classes.  For the past year the instructor has ignored her and even walks around the class helping everyone else.  My friend speaks Norwegian well enough to have a job where Norwegian is the working language.  My friend feels that it is not her Norwegian that the instructor is avoiding. These daily discriminations make the soul heavy.  I wonder how long it would take to be equal to a Norwegian in Norway. 

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