tower-trond The Tyholt Tower is the second biggest tourist attraction in Trondheim behind Nidaros Cathedral.  It is a telecommunications tower and stands 120 metres high overlooking Trondheim city. munk-island There is a sight seeing level on the lower floor.  On the upper floor is an Egon Restaurant (the Norwegian version of a T.G.I. Fridays).  The floor revolves giving a birds-eye view of the fjord and city below.  A full turn takes one hour and so by the end of your meal you will have travelled at least one round. tower-trond-lights tower-trond-night The best time to visit the tower is for sunset so you can watch the panoramic view change colour.  If you have been touring the city all day you will be able to track your journey through the cityscape and pick out the landmarks you visited. tower-trond-sunset For Tourists The tower is about a 30min walk through the burbs from the city.  You will certainly need a map.  There are also local buses that go past and you can ask the Tourist Information centre (off the market square - torget) for more details.  You don't have to have a meal when visiting but it is a nice end to the day to sit, eat, relax and watch the view go by.  You can visit the Egon Restaurant website but most of the information is in Norwegian.  To see what's on the menu in your language click on the "languages" link. 

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