uni-water Tromsø University is big on conservation.  Being the highest university in the world, they focus on polar exploration and Arctic life.  The projects led by the university 'addressed questions within diverse fields of geology, paleontology, ecosystem studies, oceanography, indigenous populations, contaminant transport and biomagnification, and marine mammals and seabirds'.  One of their major studies for the International Polar Year was 'Flux of Organic Contaminants through the Antarctic Marine Food Web' Akvaplan Link.  So the study of water is very important to the future survival of Arctic/Antarctic ecosystems (not to mentioned the rest of the world). uni-waterfall uni-waterpath water-drain It's a pity that the university doesn't care much about what happens to their own water.  From a brook off the mountain, into a sweet pond with jetty outside the Fishery building, down a man-made waterfall, into a storm-water drain - water mustn't be as important as the university makes out. Being from Australia, a land that has suffered draught for over a decade, I reached out my hands to the water and just arrrrrrrrh-ed!  If only the drain led to Oz. 

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