tromso-island-sunset It was a race against time.  Sunset was at 1:17pm.  This was our only chance to catch the last sunset of the year.  The last day of sun is Sunday but work, school, travel and a cloudy week was going to get in the way.  It had to be today.  To get the perfect shot we had to leave home by 12:35 to drive to the other side of the island.  We had to park the car at the base of the mountain, drop off the kids at a friends place and then lug ourselves up the dry, rocky creek-bed to the top.  Huffing and puffing we reached our spot by 1pm but to our dismay the sun was gone.  Even though we were 17mins early we had forgotten about the mountains.  Sunset is timed when the sun passes over the horizon - the sun passes over the mountains at least 30mins earlier.  Being surrounded by mountains takes a little getting used to.  Oh well, it's not a total miss.  A sunset has at least a couple of moments that are the most beautiful to shoot and we still had it's backside beaming at us. tromso-island-sunset-jump We are standing on the north mountain of Tromsø island looking South.  In the photo above you can see the bridge to the mainland on the left.  The mountains straight ahead are on the mainland.  To the right is Kvaløya island. 

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