south-sunset-palm The Tromsø Palm is beautiful but deadly.  It stands strong and high, and dominates roadsides, gullies, creek banks and backyards.  It changes dramatically from Spring to Winter - an alluring plant to photograph. Tromsø Palm in: Spring, Autumn, Winter The plant's sap is poisonous to the touch.  One can suffer an array of ailments from mild rashes and burning to eczema and large blisters.  Today the Tromsø Palm is considered a weed but it was once admired for its beauty.  It was introduced to Tromsø as a garden plant in the 1860s by Nanna Sabine Mack.  The plant became a 'must-have' by all the socialites for their Tromsø Summer homes.  However, it wasn't long before the plant took over the whole neighbourhood. Every year there are attempts to eradicate the Tromsø Palm but it is very robust.  It is thought that today's palm is a hybrid that has adapted superbly to the Tromsø climate.  As yet, there are no proven ways to get rid of the plant other than digging up the roots and churning the soil.  An awesome task for any gardener or conservationist. But while they are here they make interesting photo objects.  Their alien profiles intriguing images against the Tromsø sky.  The Day of the Triffids has arrived! south-sunset-palm-long 

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