In Norway you have to register with a doctor.  You can only register with one doctor at one time and this registry is recorded in the big government system.  You cannot register with any doctor you want, only doctors that have available places at their clinic.  This is so the doctor-patient love can be spread around.  It is not uncommon to have to trek across town for a doctor as the one next door already has his quota of patients.  Because of all this 'registry' it makes it mighty hard to get a second opinion. To see another doctor you have to de-register with your own and then register with another (- only if the other doctor hasn't filled his quota.)  You do this by going to the government doctor reregistering website to change.  You can only go to the new doctor once the registration has been complete - meaning the government has sent you out a confirmation letter.  If you want to go back to your first doctor you have to go through the same routine.  De-register, re-register, and wait for the letter.  You are only allowed to change doctors twice in any given year.  It sure sucks if you want a third opinion. 

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