vn Since Norway 'lost' Santa to the Finns (via a big Santa amusement park built in Lapland), the Norwegians have decided to make the most out of their incredible natural icon - the Northern Lights.  In fact, Northern Norway has been tagged with the name 'Land of the Northern Lights' to attract attention and tourists to the North.  (A great idea, I must say, since we didn't even get a chance at the Winter Olympics.)  Like always, Norway has opted to go out in IT-style.  To promote their natural phenomenon they have created an interactive feature for Visit Norway so you can create your own Northern Lights display.  It's kind of a teaser for the real deal but it is fun to use and gives an accurate idea of what the Aurora Borealis is all about. vn-b Because of the heavy programming the section is a little slow but bear with as it is worth the wait.  I won't tell you too much about the website's features as it will be much more fun for you to discover it for yourself, but there are lots to click on, videos, star constellations, featured Northern Norway activities for the day and night and, of course, the Create Your Northern Lights. vn-pando After you are done creating your Lights display dancing across the northern sky, you can then save it and get your own link to your personal creation, have it emailed to yourself and friends, and facebook or twitter it.  You can visit one of my creations here: vn-pandg This new amusement is bound to be a hit.  But wait, there's more.  You can also follow the Northern Lights action on twitter.  An initiative of Visit Norway, the twitter account NorwayAurora tweets about everything to do with, you guessed it, the Northern Lights.  They also follow what's going on in the blogosphere and encourage you to tweet them about your own experiences and pics of the Northern Lights. Links: - the official travel guide to Norway 

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