abc-line podcast Hei, alle sammen! In this Podcast we revise some of the basic conversational questions and answers from the last couple of podcast lessons.  The exercises encourage you to listen, think and speak.  Make sure you say the sentences out loud so you can judge if you are pronouncing them properly. NOTE: You will notice a difference between mine and Mooses pronunciation - that is because I am a beginner and suffer with an Australian accent ;D - however, listening to a native speaker and an 'immigrant' speaker will be very helpful to your Norwegian learning.  Just how Norwegians have different ascents so do immigrants according to their home country.  Chinese-Norwegian will sound different from Spanish-Norwegian etc.  So this will be good training for you to be receptive to all types of Norwegian - something that will be extremely helpful if you are studying for your 'Bergen test'  as you will have to have a test-conversation with other immigrants. Also, you will likely need to use the associated Norwegian Lesson 103 for this podcast. These podcasts are designed around the My Little Norway Norwegian Lesson Series. For us to provide a wide variety of listening and vocal exercises, it is essential for listeners to view the text in focus. This text can be found in each podcast post, or in the associated Norwegian Lesson post. This podcast is taken from Norwegian Lesson 103.  The length of the podcast is 9:07 mins.   abc-line-1 Revision - Personal Pronouns jeg, du, vi, dere, de - det Exercise 1 Use personal pronouns to translate these sentences into Norwegian: How are you two? How is Ted and Bill? What are they called? We come from Austia but we live in Norway. I live in Tromsø but I come from Denmark. We are fine. Where are they from? Where do you come from? Jill and Jane come from London. What are your names? Alex and Sandra are good. Where do they live? Hvordan har de det? or Hvordan går det med dem? Exercise 2 Answer the following questions in Norwegian and then listen to the exercise again with the answers. Hva heter dere? Hvor bor du? Hvordan går det? Hva heter de? Hva heter du og hvor kommer du fra? Hvor kommer dere fra? Hvor kommer de fra? Hvor bor dere? Grammar - Personal Pronouns dere > vi du > jeg de > de dere > vi jeg > du Exercise 3 Listen to the story and then repeat after Moose: Fortelling Nina snakker med John og Karen. Han kommer fra London. Hun kommer fra London også. De snakker med Nina. Nina kommer fra Oslo, men hun bor i Trondheim abc-line 

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