playtime-by-sea It's fun to have an airport close by.  This might sound odd as the first thing people think about is the noise, traffic and pollution.  But Tromsø airport is only built for light aircrafts - propeller planes and 747s.  No Jumbos are allowed to land here.  This is normal for the airports in Northern Norway. Tromsø Airport is on the West of Tromsø island.  The island is only 3km wide and 13 km long so the airport is very compact.  There are only a handful of departures and arrivals and they seem to all happen at the same time.  This is so airport staff can work regular hours and it limits noise pollution.  Flying into Tromsø is beautiful as you come in over the mountains and fjord.  Moose took these pictures with his camera-phone when Approaching Tromsø. play-airplane We often take the kids down to the water at sunset to watch the planes come in and go out.  The planes fly right over us and we run with them along the bank.  I'm not sure that Lilu knows they are aeroplanes we are chasing as she keeps flapping her arms like a bird.  But it certainly is fun to watch her and join in the excitement. playtime-by-sea-plane 

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