lonshort-duckfeeding Moose grew up with ducks.  On the farm in Alta, Farfar and Farmor have a duck pond and every year a family of ducks spend the Summer with us.  It's wonderful to see each new generation return and have their own ducklings.  Quite often there are so many new ducklings swimming in the pond that they have to zip-zag around each other and sometimes follow the wrong mother. duck-eating So Moose doesn't get too homesick, we go to Prestvannet lake in Tromsø to feed the ducks.  The lake is a special conservation reserve for the local bird life.  All types of ducks, even seagulls, call our little lake home.  They know they are all very welcome and like to say 'hello' when we visit. Ducks are Mooses favourite animal, and I must say that ducks don't find Moose half bad either.  He has a special knack with animals - they seem to just 'flock' to him.  Most animals are so comfortable around Moose that they eat right out of his hand. duckfeeding Moose enjoys teaching Lilu about animals.  He shows her how to make them comfortable around her.  With the ducks he gets down low and offers them a little bread.  The trick is to hold on tight so the duck can gently nibble around your fingers.  No need for talking or calling 'here, ducky, ducky'.  He is quiet and moves slowly and allows the ducks to come to him. finger-ducks To help Lilu, Moose guides her hand to keep her gentle and steady so the ducks can take the food in confidence.  After two goes Lilu gets the idea and can hand-feed the ducks herself.  I get so much delight out of watching my family enjoy the simple things in life. li-ducks 

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