snow-shoes2 What do we do when we get snow on our boots? snow-boots We brush off the snow and get it all over our hands so we wash it off in the snow on the ground. So far, every year has been Lilu's first snowfall.  It can seem a long time between Winters for a Toddler so by the time the first snowfall is here again Lilu has forgotten the last.  It's wonderful to have that time back each year, to rediscover how fun the snow can be and to share in Lilu's delight.  Every year we get to hear her squeal when she sees the snowflakes falling past our window.  Every year we get to see her fascination at how the snow sticks to her boots.  And every year we get to laugh as she flicks snow into the air only to have it fall down on her again.) It is only the beginning of this snow season so we have lots of time to rediscover the little things and the big things.  But like all snow seasons this one will end; the snow will melt away, the sun will return, and we will have Summer for a season.  However, by the end of Summer Lilu will have forgotten this snowfall and so next years snowfall will be another new adventure waiting to happen.  (With any luck we will have the year after too. 

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