Norwegian feet are short and wide.  Australian feet are long and skinny.  So you can imagine the place I'm in when I'm looking for new shoes!  Another peculiar difference is that the arch of a Norwegian foot is further back than an Australians - or it just might mean an Australians heal is bigger.  Which ever, I am starting to hate shoe shopping!  What would the Sex in the City girls think of me? Another challenge is that I have literally grown out of women's shoes.  I used to be a size 8 but with each baby my feet grew a shoe size.  (Something to do with the weight of pregnancy pushing down your arches making your feet become longer.)  So after four babies I have grown four shoe sizes - now being size 12.  With the size difference, baby difference and Norwegian difference, this makes me a European size 43.  Unfortunately in Norway they only have women's shoes up to size 42 (and most shoe brands are only up to 40!)  What is a girl to do?  Am I doomed to wear big clunky man-shoes for the rest of my life? As the snow has come early this year, I needed to get me some snow boots.  I had my heart set on the only girlie pair in the store - a white snow proof boot with snowflake patterns above the heel.  The biggest size? - 42.  They didn't even have that size in the store.  (They would have to order it in especially for me - never having the right sizes is a common practise in Norway.  Ordering can take weeks and I didn't have the time to wait as it was snowing... NOW!).  So just to see if I would be able to fit the girlie boots before ordering I tried on a pair of men's 42 1/2 in the same brand.  Nope - it was too tight!  Dismayed I left degrudging the 'shop-around' which usually comes next - going to every shoe store in all of Tromsø in hope of finding at least one shoe I liked that would fit. boot-hunt My search for a shoe that fits. I reached another store of the same brand as the first - G-Sport.  I thought I'd humour myself and have a look.  They didn't really have a snow boot section but just some shoe boxes stacked on the floor.  After asking for boots, the store assistant held up some and said, 'We just got these in today.'  And what do you know - I liked them.  And even better - they fitted!  Even though I still had to get mens black shoes, I can say 'Thank You' to all the metro-sexuals out there for being a little girlie when it comes to snow boots. 

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